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Small towns…for some it can be a picturesque experience; fresh air, clear sky, beautiful nature, and of course, friendly neighbors.  For Brennon O’Connell, the new teenage resident at Desert Winds, the experience is far from that.  It all starts innocently enough one night when he discovers the presence of unusual lights in the sky, but quickly escalates to more disturbing events; lies, conspiracy, abductions, and murder. 

As Brennon begins to search for answers, he quickly discovers that his natural curiosity is not welcomed by anyone, even those closest to him. The topic of UFOs, alien abductions, and invasions is not a popular one for the residents of Desert Winds, but even less appealing when coming from the lips of Brennon.  Undeterred, he continues his pursuit of the truth, but the more he digs, the closer the facts lead him to uncover a dangerous secret.  Brennon has no idea that the truth will put him and everyone he cares for on a collision course with death.  Yes, an alien invasion appears imminent, but even worse, Brennon and his friends will learn that aliens have been secretly living among humans on Earth for hundreds of years, and they will stop at nothing to keep it a secret.

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