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The truth is out! Aliens have been living on Earth among humans for hundreds of years.  Their mission is to obtain something that can only be found on our planet.  Something that, if found, could change the balance of power across the galaxies. 

Brennon and his friends unexpectedly learn that they have had a close relationship with one of the aliens.  Feeling betrayed and with their sense of trust shattered, the friends must now decide if this alien is a friend or foe. Unfortunately, there’s not much time to figure out the answer.  The invasion begins, and sadly for humanity, the advanced technology of the invaders is too overwhelming for our planet. The Mekelakaso are a ruthless species that have been conquering other planets for thousands of years.  For now, the only hope for our planet comes from an extraterrestrial that has been on Earth for centuries.  The same extraterrestrial that Brennon and his friends have known for years.  

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